One thought on “Sofia Jakobsson Private Leaked (271 Photos)

  1. Sofia Jakobsson

    11:16 (10 часов назад)

    кому: [email protected]

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    It has come to the attention of the Swedish Football Association (SvFF) that you in digital channels/media distribute pictures of the Swedish national team player in football, Ms Sofia Jakobsson, where she is wholly or partly nude. Such a distribution is a crime, unlawful infringement of integrity, according to Chapter 4 Section 6 c of the Swedish Penal Code. The sentence is a fine or imprisonment for at most two years, or, it the offence is considered gross, imprisonment for at least six months and at most four years. The Swedish Police Authority has started an investigation about the crimes and SvFF is cooperating with the police in this investigation.

    We hereby request that you immediately remove the pictures from all the places where they occur, and that you also taka all necessary measures to prevent all other distribution of the pictures. SvFF reserve the right to take all legal measures that may follow from your actions, including, but not limited to, reporting to the police and claim from damages.

    SvFF is representing Sofia Jakobsson in this matter.

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